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We got re-united with our sisters some 40 years on!

How it all happened



During our teenage days, we boys of MBS would date the girls of MGS to go to picnics.  The more enterprising ones made all the arrangements and invited the other innocent ones to join in to garner moral support.  I belonged to the second group,  We had picnics in Batu Ferringhi and hiking over to Monkey Beach or go for bungalow stay up in Penang Hill.  Those were the good old days of 1968 and 1969.   


Of course, we all know a few of us are lucky (definitely not otherwise!) and happily married MBS+MGS couples.  I did not imagine that some 40 years later, I could still get in touch with the "lost" girls once again.  More importantly, they were just as sportingly eager to meet us.


One fine day in 2010, I came across an interesting article in the Star newspapers about BB.   No, not Bridgite Bardot but "Bosom Buddies".  It was the October 10, 2010 issue, a very auspicious 10.10.10 date indeed.  The first picture of two matured ladies admittedly was not that interesting though.  I read on.  The next picture really caught my attention.  It was a black and white photo of pretty young girls, the likes of our teenage years.  I could recognise at least three of these MGSians, with whom we boys from MBS went picnicking!


Just like how we have been rounding up our "lost sheep" of class69mbs, I felt this would be even more challenging if I can get in touch with our academic sisters.   What can I do?  Simply, I wrote in to the editor of this article, seeking assistance to connect us boys and girls. How else to prove my authenticity, I attached a group photograph of our picnic trip with them.

They responded, mentioning the picnic picture was the killer!  There was an exchange of emails.  I guessed with the timely return of Seok Hoon who had migrated to Australia, they agreed to meet up.  We had another gathering three months later when two MGSians returned from England.  


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