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We found our Silencer !

One evening while enjoying dinner at Goodall Cafe, Jimmy told me that across the food court some tables away were two guys, one of whom is another of our schoolmates.   I must admit I vaguely remember the name.   Since he was heartily eating his meal, we decided to let him finish before approaching him.    When we saw that he's done, we went across to greet him.   Alas, he was already getting up, ready to leave.   I quickly move over to show him his Form 5 class photo.  Guess he hasn't changed - he gave it a quick glance and he continued walking away!   Not a word from him!    The other guy is his brother who apologised that Yit Leong just got discharged from Adventist Hospital (re some stone in the kidney, or something like that), took him to have a quick dinner before sending him back home.   He gave me his handphone number and asked me to WhatsApp him the class photo.

Back home, I checked my phone but could not seem to locate YL's brother on WA -  disappointment !     I was told that Yit Leong has always been a very quiet and reserved guy in school.   He hardly utter any word or talk with his schoolmates.   That was why he was nicknamed "The Silencer" !

Days and weeks passed.  One fine evening, I was fidddling with my phone and then realised that I can see YL's brother's handphone number on WhatsApp!   I quickly sent him the Form 5 Arts One photograph and explained what we 69ners have been doing.   He replied with much excitement that he will inform YL.  We exchanged a number of WA messages before he finally gave me the address where we can visit YL and suggested that we can take him out for coffee at some nearby coffee shop.

I was hesistant as to whether YL is receptive to meet us again after all these years.    Thus I randomly asked only a few mates to join me.    I did not invite all but six of us turned up.  Yit Leong said he could not remember or recognise us but he could recall Yong Wah's name!   We ended up in a coffee shop where YL slowly opened up and joining in our conversation.

Spot our Silencer !



He didn't look too certain, pretty cautious at first ....



Yes, yes, he's opened up and become a very happy man !


The group of us who visisted him posed for another group photo before saying "goodbye"

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